It is hard to set up a list of walks as numerous are the paths. With a bike or on foot, Provence offers a range of walks that should satisfy all your hopes. One of the famous walk is the cove of En Vau. It’s 20 minutes far away to get on the starting location very close to the neck of the Gardiole. The path of En Vau is well maintained and easy to walk. During your hike, you’ll have a beautiful view of large cliffs and you will be captivated by the smell of Aleppo pines. The path takes you to the turquoise waters of the Gardiole’s cove.

The little Provencal villages are numerous and each one deserves attention. La Cadiere d’Azur is a typical Provencal village. It is located just across the Castellet and overlooks the vineyards of Bandol wines. We recommend you to go for a look at the church of Saint Andrew. It was built in 1508 and has the oldest bell in Provence. You can also walk down the narrow streets or take a walk in the medieval quarter. The other village close to the villa is the Castellet. For movie fans, you have to know that « The Baker’s Wife » was shot in this village.The village is quite crowded but very pretty. We also recommend you to go for a ride in Solliès City. A famous town well known for its fruity trees, cherry trees and fig trees.