The garden covers 5000 m2 and there are lots of species of plants. Because the house is on a hill, the terrain is very steep and not suitable for young children.

The awning is a true outdoor living room. You can enjoy the garden and the sun with outdoor furniture. The awning is very useful when it comes harder to stay outside because of the sun.

Petanque is a typical sport of Provence. Just for you to know, this game is the eighth ball sport in France by the number of licensees. And here more than anywhere else, we are not kidding with the cochonnet ! We lay out a bowling space where you can practice and become an expert.

We could not claim that we have a Provencal garden if we had not planted an olive tree ! This tree has been cultivated in Provence for the past 2500 years and has a great feature : it’s always pushing. The olive tree is immortal. As it has roots, it will grow back. We also have a small field of lavender in front of the pool. A sweet smell of lavender perfumes the garden during summer.